Microstrip antenna

An antenna serves as the “communicator” between the RF front-end circuitry and the radiation and propagation of electromagnetic waves in free space. In microwave and other wireless applications, an antenna plays a very efficient job. Planar oriented antennas, such as microstrip patch and printed dipole have attracted significant attention of the community of antenna engineers …

Klystron Amplifier

Microwave Tube

Klystron Amplifier To remove the limitation of traditional tubes, microwave tubes are constructed. Microwave tubes take a large transit time for the required operation. The basic principle of operation of the microwave tubes involves a transfer of power from a source of DC voltage to a source of AC voltage by means of a current …

Log Periodic Antenna

Image of LPA, LPA,

Log Periodic Antenna (LPA) is an antenna array of the same type of dipole elements but the length of these elements increases with a common ratio. All these elements which are placed in the antenna are electrically connected. All elements are excited by a common input with the same phase. The structural geometry of LPA …

Liquid crystal Displays LCD

liquid crystal display, LCD

Liquid crystal Displays (LCDs) Liquid crystal Displays (LCDs) very commonly display technique which is used in displays for electronic devices such as LCD monitors, car dashboard display, watches, calculators and televisions.  LCD Display   This is the most common type of flat panel displays (FPDs) and has been widely used since the early 1970’s. LCD …

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