Image of 3D Printer

3D printer is the latest invention of science. 3D printers can make daily life things very easily. They are amazing due to its ability of production of various types of objects, via various kinds of materials and all these things via the same machine. It is able to make a replica of anything like ceramic …


Block Diagram of Flip-Flop

Flip-flop is a sequential logical circuit, which is an edge trigger or sensitive. The flip-flop and latch are made via different logic gates. Flip-flop is different from latch because the clock feature is not present in latches, which is important for Flip-flop operations. The output of Flip-flops will change on either at the increasing edge …

Logic Gates

Gates, Digital Gates

Logic Gates Logic gates are those physical devices which perform a logical operation. The logical operation also called switching operation. In a digital system, some basic operations performed which are simple and easier in the calculation. These operations may be required to be performed a number of times in a large digital system like a …

P-N Junction Diode

A P-N junction diode is a combination of two semiconductor materials, one is P-type semiconductor and another is N-type semiconductor. It is also called as simply P-N junction or semiconductor diode. The diode has two terminals, P-type semiconductor is called anode and N-type semiconductor is called cathode. It allows the current in one direction and …

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