PGSA2Z® Electronics Projects Activity kit for Ideal Students School Engineering Projects Models Rc Toys Science Projects Kit for DIY, Etc. (KT0010)

Price: ₹ 1,999.00 - ₹ 1,449.00
(as of Jun 15,2021 12:53:06 UTC – Details)

Science Project Kit With All Equipment Ideal For Students School, Engineering Projects Models Rc Toys Science Projects Kit For Diy, Etc.
Packet Includes:- Items List Items. 2Pcs Flat Toy Motor 3 To 6v 2Pcs Round Toy Motor 3v To 9v 2Pcs Double Shaft Round Toy 3 To 9v 2Pcs Flat Double Shaft Motor 2 DVD Round Motor 3-9v 1Pcs Dynamo Motor 3 To 9v 1Pcs Vibration Motor 3to 9v 4Pcs 50x10mm Wheels 2 mm shaft 1 Meter 2 Core Wire 2Pcs 4 Wing Propeller Fan 2Pcs 2 Wing Mini Propeller 1Pcs 3 Wing Propeller 2Pcs 2 Wing Helicopter Propeller 1Pcs 2-cell Aa Battery Holder 1Pcs 4-cell Aa Battery Holder
1Pcs 9v Battery Snap Connector 1Pcs 9v battery connector to crocodile clips 3 Color Wire 1Core (1 Meter Each) 1Pcs Large 50mm Pulley 4Pcs Small Pulley Multicolor 2Pcs Mini Pulley Multicolor 1Pcs medium size Pulley 4Pcs Rubber Belt 1Pcs 0.1mm Copper Wire Roll 2Pcs Torch Switch 1Pcs Continuity Tester 1Pcs Ac Tester Screwdriver 2pcs Crocodile Clip Red & Black 4Pcs Metal Nut Bolt 1 Meter Copper Wire For Projects & Diy 2Pcs Metal L Shape Clamp 10 Pcs Resistor
2Pcs Mini Rocker Switch On Off 2Pcs Rocker Switch On Off 1Pcs Push Button Switch Off-on Non-locking 1Pcs Toggle Switch On Off 1Pcs 10mm RGB LEDs Bulb 3v 5Pcs 5mm LEDs Red 2Pcs Miniature Screw Base Light Bulb 2Pcs 8mm Led Bulb 2Pcs Round Magnet 2Pcs Magnet 2Pcs Metal Pins 2Pcs Metal Eyepins 5Pcs Tactile Switch 1Pcs Buzzer With Wire 1Pcs Screw Base Light Bulb Holder 9v Battery Cap To LED White 2pcs Metal Keel Diy 2Pcs 2N2222 Transistor 2Pcs 1N4007 Diode

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