Techno Buzz Deal ® Microfiber Cloths for Electronics (Pack of 2)

Price: ₹ 799.00 - ₹ 239.00
(as of Jul 28,2021 23:21:21 UTC – Details)

Techno Buzz Deal Microfiber Cloths for Electronics (Pack of 2)
A popular choice for safely cleaning sensitive electronics, the Techno Buzz Deal Microfiber Cloths for Electronics effectively wipe oil smudges, fingerprints, dust and dirt away with just a swipe. The soft cleaning cloths are especially impressive when used dry, and they do not contain any harsh chemicals.

Offering a conveniently portable size that can slip easily into a pocket or camera bag, the microfiber cleaning cloths measure 6 x 7 inches each and all come individually wrapped in a reusable plastic envelope for easy storage and portability. The pack includes one black cloths and one grey cloth.

Safe for All Surfaces and Lenses

The microfiber cloths safely and effectively remove oil, fingerprints, smudges, and dirt from all types of surfaces, including TVs, computer monitors, laptops, tablets, smartphones and any other LCD or touchscreen. They are also safe and effective for use on non-coated and multi-coated lenses, filters, binoculars, and telescopes, as well as eyeglasses, sunglasses, jewelry and other delicate surfaces.

High-Quality Construction

Made of tightly woven microfiber, the cloths combine light weight, supreme softness and exceptional strength. The cloth’s design includes a unique saw-tooth pattern that fuses the edges to prevent fraying. With no strings, threads, or coarse edges, the microfiber cloths ensure excellent results leaving behind no fine scratches on surfaces.

Machine Washable

Reusable and long lasting, the Techno Buzz Deal Microfiber Cloths for Electronics can be machine or hand washed (do not use detergent, fabric softener or bleach) and should be air dried. The reusable microfiber cloths make a safer, better performing and more cost-effective alternative to single-use paper towels and tissues.

100% safe to use on any surface including TVs, computer monitors, laptops, tablets, smartphones, non-coated and multi-coated camera lenses, filters, and other delicate surfaces
Effectively wipes away oil smudges, fingerprints, dust, and dirt; contain no harsh chemicals; lint-free and streak-free performance
Saw-tooth pattern edges prevent fraying, ensuring no coarse strings (won’t scratch surfaces)
Machine washable and reusable; individually wrapped; each cloth measures 6 x 7 inches (15cm by 18cm)

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