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LVDT stands for “Linear Variable Differential Transducer“. LVDT is a passive differential inductive transducer. This is a variable inductance displacement transducer. Construction of LVDT It consists of a primary winding and two identical secondary windings. These windings are axially spaced and bound on a cylindrical coil former. A rod-shaped magnetic core is positioned centrally inside …

Liquid crystal Displays LCD

liquid crystal display, LCD

Liquid crystal Displays (LCDs) Liquid crystal Displays (LCDs) very commonly display technique which is used in displays for electronic devices such as LCD monitors, car dashboard display, watches, calculators and televisions.  LCD Display   This is the most common type of flat panel displays (FPDs) and has been widely used since the early 1970’s. LCD …

CRO (Cathode Ray Oscilloscope) Working

Image of CRO, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope The CRO stands for a cathode ray oscilloscope. It is a device which is used for showing the signals on the screen. In 1879, Willan Crooks demonstrated that the cathode rays can be deflected in a vacuum tube type by using a magnet. Basically, It has four parts which are display, vertical …

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