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Klystron Amplifier

Microwave Tube

Klystron Amplifier To remove the limitation of traditional tubes, microwave tubes are constructed. Microwave tubes take a large transit time for the required operation. The basic principle of operation of the microwave tubes involves a transfer of power from a source of DC voltage to a source of AC voltage by means of a current …

Liquid crystal Displays LCD

liquid crystal display, LCD

Liquid crystal Displays (LCDs) Liquid crystal Displays (LCDs) very commonly display technique which is used in displays for electronic devices such as LCD monitors, car dashboard display, watches, calculators and televisions.  LCD Display   This is the most common type of flat panel displays (FPDs) and has been widely used since the early 1970’s. LCD …

Yagi Uda Antenna Yagi Uda Antenna Yagi-Uda or Yagi antenna is a high gain antenna and it is known as after the name of Professor S. Uda & H. Yagi. The antenna was invented and described in Japanese by the former sometime around 1928 by Professor S. Uda and after wards it was translated or described by …

Multimeter and its Types

Analog Multimeter, Multimeter, Image of Multimeter

Multimeter The multimeter is widely used in every measurement techniques. With the help of multimeter we can measure various quantities such as resistance, AC & DC voltage, current, capacitance etc. A multimeter is a voltmeter, ammeter, and millimeter combined together. There, it is also known as VOM (Volt-Ohm Millimeter). Multimeter may likewise have different capacities, …

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